Jupyter Lab in the Azure platform

We all love the Jupyter notebooks for its intuitive and interactive interface. It  is one of the best interactive platforms for data analysis and scientific computation. I have executed numerous computation and analysis using python with Jupyter notebooks offline and on the cloud using AWS(Amazon Web Services). 

Recently, I started using the python with Jupyter notebooks on the Microsoft’s Azure platform, along with the newly released JupyterLab IDE. The JupyterLab IDE is a true Interactive development environment for effective computation. It comprises of a file browser, terminal and code editor, which reminds me of the Rodeo IDE.The Jupyter lab google drive feature also assists in realtime collaboration.

The ability scale and deploy on the azure platform, similar to the AWS and the Google cloud, enables computationally intensive applications to be performed with ease.


Check out the video below for an intro to JupyterLab: